Top Sports Events in Britain

Top Sports Events in Britain

Sports enthusiasts have a lot to look forward to in Britain every year. There are numerous popular events for lovers of various sports. Those passionate about betting can use the Betfair Sign Up Offer on various sports online.

Every year is exciting as the annual events are spread out throughout the whole year, with some additional events popping up from time to time. 2020 was exciting due to EURO games partially hosted in Britain, but so were the 2012 Summer Olympics.

Here are the top sports events in Britain. 

Six Nations Rugby Championship

Every year excitingly takes off with the Six Nations Rugby Championship. Scotland, Wales, Italy, Ireland, France, and England compete for the rugby cup. It’s an exciting event that millions of people enjoy globally. The event is held in January or February when the six teams collide to show the best.

The 2021 tournament was exciting, and Wales finished at the top. England and Wales teams hold the most titles.

Cheltenham Gold Cup

Every year, horse racing fans get to enjoy the Cheltenham Gold Cup in March. It’s the top event of the Cheltenham Festival. The race is about 3 miles and 2 ½ furlongs, which translates to 5,294 meters. The horses have to jump 22 fences, which makes the race uniquely challenging.

To qualify, horses have to be at least five years old or above. With over 200 years of history, the race has become an essential part of English culture. Over 60,000 people usually attend the race, but millions stream it and watch it live on TV.

The Grand National

The month of April goes to the fans of Grand National. It’s an annual horse racing event that’s longer than the Cheltenham Gold Cup. In this exciting race, the horses have to jump 30 fences over 4 miles and 2 ½ furlongs. The race is reserved for horses aged seven and up.The Grand National is another event that’s become a part of British culture with the tradition of more than 170 years. It’s one of the most significant horse racing events globally, with a massive purse for participants.

The Derby

Unlike the Cheltenham and Grand National, the Derby is a flat race where horses aged three and above race. The track is 1 mile 4 furlongs and 6 yards long, which translates to 2,420 meters. Also known as the Epsom Derby, the event gathers a massive audience and has the biggest purse out of all the horse racing events.

FA Cup Finals

The FA Cup is a popular event where the audience can enjoy the clash of the two best teams in Britain. The finals are in the majority of cases in May or June. It’s one of the most attended soccer events in the country.

Around 80 to 90 thousand people attend the event, with millions watching the live coverage on TV and streaming platforms.

The Wimbledon

One of the most popular events in Britain is Wimbledon. It’s the oldest grand slam with massive attendance and a global audience. Founded in 1877, it’s another event that has a huge cultural meaning.

The tournament is usually held in July when the best tennis players compete for the most prestigious titles in the tennis world.