How Casino Games are Created – How Casinos Come up with New Games

How Casino Games are Created – How Casinos Come up with New Games

Everyone has to evolve at some point, whether through a simple change like that of an eating habit and thus their whole digestive tract, or through other habits like how they sit and how much attention they pay to their thoughts or feelings. 

Companies also change, sometimes for the better sometimes for the worse. In this digital world, companies must adapt in order to survive, otherwise, they will be eaten by the competition or fall into irrelevance as everybody else updates their products/services. 

Online casinos are some of the fastest evolving online and they often use bonus codes and offers like this Betfred Casino Welcome Offer, to incentivize new customers, and even those who are not new, but might be new to a specific casino.

They also must keep up with everyone else by creating new video games and things for their guests to play. Here is how they do it.

Outsourcing – The Middle Man is the Winner

Oftentimes, casinos contact someone else in the industry, to connect them with various game developers and studios which create casino games for a living. These are trained and battle-scarred professionals who have created multiple casino games and often have large repertoires. 

This is the first step in creating a casino game. Some casinos have their own developers or have deals with certain developers, but most of them find someone through someone else.

The Design

Once they have made contact, provided that they have a design ready, it is discussed with the developers and their designers, because they have to evaluate whether such a game is possible. Mathematicians are always involved, because all casino games revolve around math and their input is not only helpful, but mandatory. Without mathematicians, casino games would be much worse, sometimes for the house, sometimes for the players.

The Hard Work

Most of the hard work lies in building a game, meaning designing the graphics and writing the code. Some games work on engines and it is entirely possible that slot machine games of a certain developer all run on the same engine, saving money and time which would otherwise be wasted on coding. Coding casino games is especially difficult and requires attention to detail because of the math involved. There is a review and tuning process in the end, so some mistakes might slip through this phase.

The Tests

No game out there has been launched without testing (except Fallout 76), and casino games have extensive test runs to spot any bugs, visual or otherwise, and have the team iron them out before getting the game ready for launch. This part is important because through extensive tests, especially beta tests with a larger audience, more bugs can be spotted and ironed out. Even with that, no game is perfect.

The Tuning

Once tests go through, the game is fine tuned so that it matches the instructions of the client, in this case, the casino. This last bit can determine who has how much luck and when they might win something.

This is how casino games are made, with some variance, depending on the casino and developer.