Chelsea – back at the top of the English soccer

Chelsea – back at the top of the English soccer

After a terrible season in 2016 when Chelsea finished 10th, the team is back to the summit of the English Premier League. You wish you had bet on them instead of the guys from West Brom, don’t you? If you did, then congratulations are in order and a champagne would be great. If you didn’t, don’t lose hope. Here’s a Betfair free bet for your upcoming favourite football games. Use it wisely.

Antonio Conte lead Chelsea to success and quickly became the fans’ favourite. He definitely seems a passionate coach, which is why the public loves him. With 2 matches to spare, the team secured the title. Mathematically, there is no way they can’t win at the end of the season.

Conte wanted to speak of his players’ work by saying “we were not lucky, we did a great job.” Attributing their victory to luck robs the players from their appreciation for the efforts they put so far. Still, he thinks that it would be “a fantastic season” if they won the FA cup, implying that even though this is a big success for Chelsea, the guys are not on vacation yet.

Conte, at the age of 47 is the 4th Italian to get to the English top after Claudio Ranieri’s achievement at Leicester City (5,000-1 odds). Conte pleased the fans and the team for the entire season since he came on board. He won the Manager of the Month award 3 times in a row: October, November, and December.

The Belgian player Batshuayi was the hero of the night even though he entered the game only after 76 minutes. The remaining time was more than enough to score the victory goal for Chelsea. The guys congratulated him and celebrated together. Batshuayi himself was very happy and admitted this was the best moment of his career.

David Luiz who plays on the defensive had a dream come true that night. He won his first Premier League title, a thing he’s been desiring for quite some time.

As for the reaction of the ones from West Brom, you have to admit they took it like real men. Tony Pulis said that the guys from Chelsea together with their coaching staff must receive credit for their success. Pulis admits Conte did a great job organising the team and concludes by saying Chelsea deserves the title.

Major wins throughout the 2016-2017 season

Throughout the season, there were a few key games for Chelsea’s victory. In the middle of October, they won 4-0 against Manchester United that was coach by the former famous Jose Mourinho.

On November 5th, Chelsea played what could be the best all-round display of the season winning 5-0 against Everton. On April 5th, the team proved it was strong enough to beat a major Premier League Player even when not at its best. On that day, Manchester City lost 2-1 in a fight against Chelsea. After the late April game against Everton that Chelsea won 3-0, it was obvious that they were on an unstoppable ride to the title.